spotlight on skulls

 So now you've learned that I love leather, combat boots, and studs. Well the badassery is not over yet, friends ... skulls also have a specially reserved place in my heart.
Skulls used to be reserved for bikers and other badass whatnots and whowhatsits. Within the last decade they have become more and more popular, and I don't know why, but as long as it's not because of Avril Lavigne, I'm happy everyone has come around to the awesomeness of skulls.

BUT, before I give you some lovely photos of skulls in fashion, I want to give you the Do's and Do Nots of skull fashion, because a lot of people rock it wrong.

Please Do Not:

1. Pair it with hot pink. Whoever started this should be shot. It is so rare that hot pink and black and skulls look good together (Avril, pay attention)... so for the love of god, just don't do it.

2. Pair it with a bunch of crazy things. Skulls are a statement piece on their own. 
You do not want to look like this girl.

3.  Wear it with suspenders (especially built-in suspenders as shown below... shudder), lots of sparkles, hearts, or words written in a gothic font.

Please Do:

1. Wear it in a small way. A small print or accent is more visually interesting and less overpowering. 

2. Wear it as a scarf.

3. Wear it on your jewelry. 

4. Mix it with something girly and feminine for a different look. Some people can pull off a full leather-skulls-combat-boot-biker-babe look, but a lot of the time it's just overkill.

And now, the spotlight on skulls:

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