Best online shopping sites (updated)

I am an online shopping fanatic.

Cons of online shopping? You're not always positive it will fit, you're not always sure of the quality, it's a pain in the ass to return anything, and most of the time you have to pay for shipping.
Pros of online shopping? The prices are usually significantly lower, the selection is bigger, there are way more stores, the product is more unique, and most of all, you can browse the collections from the comfort of your couch.

For us Canadians, it can be really frustrating to find online shopping sites that will ship to Canada without charging us an arm and a leg in shipping. So just because I love all of you, here is the list of the best online shopping sites that I frequent. 

Spring is amazing. It's Aldo's sister store, but about half the price (especially online). Their online collection is huge, and best of all - $5 flat rate shipping. Can't get any better than that! This is my go-to online store for shoes and I check it at least once a week for new sales.

I absolutely loathe going into Urban Outfitters stores. Everything is overpriced, the selection is terrible and the staff think they are the greatest and trendiest things since skinny pants. But their website is absolutely fantastic - huge selection, it changes frequently, and it's cheap! I probably check their website more often than I check Spring... which is a lot.

Asos is a European fashion site that has some really amazing and edgy European fashion. The exchange makes it a little bit more expensive than other sites, BUT they have a lot of product that you would never find in Canadian stores. Their shipping is also relatively cheap.
I have a love-hate relationship with Forever 21. While I enjoy their cheap prices, you get what you pay for - and their online customer service is awful. I once bought a tank top off their website that came with a huge hole in it, and they told me I had to pay $15 for return shipping to exchange it (even though the tank top had only been $7). That said, it's worth it if you don't have a location near to you.
Charlotte Russe is a bit... flirty for my liking, but they do have some good basic pieces that you can find every once in a while. They also have some very cheap shoes.

It's Topshop. Need I say more?
 If you are a scavenger like me, then you should love eBay. It's really great for jewelry especially - I have tons of bangles, cocktail rings and huge earrings that I got for $2 or $3 including shipping. A lot of the Asian stores on eBay offer free shipping as well. 
Revolve is a little bit more expensive than the other sites I shop on, but they do have some great finds.

Threadsence is a go-to indie shopping destination and has some really great stuff.
Their blouses and dresses are especially stunning.
I am obsessed with some of the shoes that they stock.
Also, in their Sale section you can usually find some really awesome dresses.

and moooore:

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