fall focus : red pants

Everyone and their mums are wearing red pants this season. 

And you might be thinking, oh heelllll no! And I'm saying oh heelllll yes. Granted, my style is a little bit rock n' roll so of course I am stoked on the idea of incorporating some bright red skinny jeans to go with my leather jacket and enormous scarves.
BUT, even if you're not a rocker you can definitely incorporate these red pants into your fall wardrobe.  
here's a few tips.

- Pair the pants with a neutral, textured top, such as lace or a sheer blouse. But on that note...

- Don't just match it with one colour. Because most red pants don't have much texture or variation to them, it's best to add at least two other colours (even if it's just black and white). You could add in some bright colours if you are feeling daring, but if you're a little bit frightened by your red pants, stick to the neutrals (greys, creams, camels)... they will help soften the brightness of the pants.

and now... voila! red pants!

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