orange : inspiration & how to wear it

I have found, over time, that people are afraid of orange.
Or more specifically, they are afraid of wearing it - with the exception of my bff Paige, who rocks it like it's going out of style (which it never will). But fear not! There is no reason to fear orange. Actually, it can be a great colour year-round. Orange adds glow to your face by naturally complimenting your skin tone and can be a great punch of colour to make an outfit unique.

a few tips on wearing orange...

- Test it next to your skin tone. Some skin tones look better with burnt oranges, and some look better with bright tangerine. If you aren't sure what works best with you, just put it next to your face. If it makes your skin brighter, that would be the correct tone.
- Don't be afraid of neon. The thing with neon orange, though, is that you should probably wear it further away from your face, like in shoes or accessories, because it can be overwhelming.
- Don't wear it head to toe. Orange is better as an accent colour. Unless you are being a carrot or pumpkin for Halloween, in which case, go crazy.

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