building an awesome shoe collection

 Well as you all saw, I have a shoe addiction problem, which makes me pretty much a master at shoe shopping. But I know for some people it can be really overwhelming, so here are a few of my very own tricks to help you when buying shoes. Now, you can go out and expand your collection to look like mine!

1. start with a small, good collection of Useful Shoes. 

These are your go-to shoes and the most important in your collection. Mine would be:
1. One pair of day-to-day black ankle boots.
2. One pair of cute, chic flats in colour(s) that goes with everything.
3. One pair of strappy black wedges, when style and comfort are both important.
4. One pair of stylish sandals that can be dressed up or down.
5. One pair of close-toed wedges.

2. don't spend a lot of money on shoes 
that could go out of style.

When it comes to shoes, there are a ridiculous amount of shoes that come in and out of style very quickly. A few examples of this: flatforms, sneaker heels, platform flip-flops, mules, big square heels. That said, there are some styles that you will still be able to rock even if they "go out of style", such as gladiators and oxfords. However, they must be relatively toned-down versions.

3. spend good money on shoes 
you will wear all the time.

Let's say you work in a very conservative office. Chances are you are going to want a really good pair of black pumps that will look fantastic with everything. Not too high, not too low, comfortable enough to walk around all day in, and easy to clean. If you find this pair and they are a bit more expensive than you would typically spend, SPEND IT. You won't regret it. Same goes for any pair of shoes you will wear all the time.

4. know your size, and stick to it.

You're probably thinking, 'Well DUH, Suzanne'. But you wouldn't believe the amount of friends I've gone shopping with that get sucked in to a shoe they love and say, "oh they are just a little bit too small, but I'll make it work". No. They will be the most comfortable when you first put them on and you haven't been walking in them for hours, so if you put them on in the store and they don't fit you, they will probably never fit you properly. Don't be fooled by ankle straps or elastic top straps if there is significant space behind your heel. They may look good, but if you don't feel good in them, it's a waste of money.

5. consider the height.

Basically, don't get sucked in by sky-high pumps if you can't walk in them.

6. know what shoe shape works best.

Okay, this is a big one. To break it down...
Pointed. Pointed shoes make your legs look longer and are always a good go-to shoe. However, watch out for the Super Pointy shoes - they come in and out of style and just make your feet look weird.

Rounded. Rounded shoes usually look better on larger-framed people. Flats are an exception to this though, as many flats are technically rounded. In my opinion, the rounder they are, the less versatile they are; extremely round shoes can look very out of place with trousers or jeans. But if you have very long feet and you don't want to rock the pointed toes, rounded toes will make your feet look smaller.

Square. I personally have never seen a pair of square-toed shoes that look good, so I am just going to say that I would stray away from square shoes if you have other choices (which you always will). That said, if you have a special affinity for square shoes, they also look bigger on medium- to large-framed people.

Platform. Platform shoes are good for bigger ankles or legs, as they tend to balance everything out. That said, almost everyone can wear platform shoes, but watch out if you're very petite as they can overwhelm your small frame and feet.

7. don't be afraid of colour, pattern 
and a little bit o' crazy.

Some of us tend to shy away from colour and texture in our everyday outfits, so shoes are a fantastic place to bring in a little punch. This is especially great for work, if you tend to wear plain trousers and blouse tops. Bring in some red, some pattern, some brights. BUT! I would typically stay away from neons and metallics, unless you are 100% educated in how to rock them well. The rule I live by is: 

if you wear it to the club, you can't wear it to work.

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