fall focus : blazers

In my opinion, blazers are a godsend. They can classy up an outfit in half a second, add colour, layers and texture to an otherwise boring outfit, and make you appear slimmer, taller, and more chic. They work for all ages and all body shapes. You can wear them for job interviews or out for coffee with your best friend. And you can always take them home to meet your parents.

If you don't own a blazer, you need to go out and buy one immediately. But before you do, there are a few things everyone should know before they settle on a type of blazer.

TAILORED. Tailored blazers are fantastic for work, because they instantly conform to your curves and make you appear more chic and put together. But be careful with colours on tailored blazers - because good ones can be pricey (they should be tight, lined with a different material, and the darts should fit your bustline), in my personal opinion it's better to invest in neutrals for tailored blazers.

LOOSE/BOYFRIEND. Loose, unstructured blazers are more casual than tailored ones, but because of that they can be rocked with business attire or jeans and a tshirt (see photos below). They are usually not darted, longer, lighter, and have more fabric choices. The great thing about this style of blazer is that it can take you right from work to dinner to a sports event. You can wear it anywhere, really. Be wary, though - people can get confused with the fit of loose blazers. While the torso will be big, the arms should still fit you, and the torso should still hit your sides.

SHORT/SHORT SLEEVED. These are two types of blazer that I, under normal circumstances, do not condone. Blazers that end just below the bust line are very disproportionate and I have never seen anyone pull them off successfully. Short-sleeved blazers, meanwhile, can sometimes be done well but look much cheaper and less dressy. If you don't like long sleeves, go for a 3/4 sleeve length instead.

BEWARE.... detail is great on blazers, but beware. If you're big on top, forget lots of detail, pockets, or piping. If you're big on bottom, beware lots of detail near the bottom hem. And always keep a critical eye when trying on blazers with shoulder pads. If you're looking to elongate your torso, go for a longer jacket. If you're looking to elongate your legs, go for a shorter jacket. Make sure the darts and waist fit you. And the tailor is your best friend.

And now, my blabbering comes to an end and I show you INSPIRATION

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