9 tips on dressing for work : part 2

here is the first portion of my "10 tips on dressing for work" ... 

and voila! the second part...

6. watch your tight-on-tight.

Tight pants (even if they’re dress pants) with a tight shirt (even if it’s a blouse) is okay sometimes, but has the ability to cross a realm into inappropriateness. My rule is, if more than 75% of your outfit is plastered to your body, it’s too much. For example. I have tight dress pants and fitted blouses, but I throw a cardigan over top to balance it out. I also tend to gravitate towards tops that may be fitted around the top half (bust, shoulders and d├ęcolletage), but loosen slightly around the midsection.

Suzanne’s Rule: If someone else can tell if your bellybutton is an inny or an outy, your shirt is too tight.

7. wear a blazer!

8. don't be boring!

If you look boring and dress boring, people will assume that you are… ding ding ding! Boring. Baggy grey slacks, a black turtleneck and plain shoes says that you sit at home with your cats on the weekend to de-lint your couches. Just because you are cutting down on your cleavage, jeans, short skirts and your favourite t-shirts doesn’t mean that your outfits can’t be equally – or more – chic. Those black dress pants (see tip #1) act as a great basic piece and go with everything. Pattern! Scarves! Jewelry of all shapes and sizes! Blazers! Sweaters! Funky shoes! The possibilities are endless. Mix and match. Dress in layers. Be fashionable. Stand out. If your boss notices that you are looking more chic and put together than anyone else in the office, he/she will start noticing your work more too.

Being fashionable shows that you a) care about your appearance enough to take initiative, b) care about going to work in the morning and creating good face for the company, and c) shows that you care about your job. Which takes me to my last point…

9. dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

If you’re in an entry-level job but want to get up to a higher level, you’d better put some effort into your wardrobe.

If two people have the exact same work and work ethics, and one dresses in shleppy sweaters and polyester pants, and the other dresses in a sharp blazer and crisp blouse every day, guess which one will be more thoroughly considered to move up? As you move up in a company, you will be meeting with more people and more important people. Chances are, if there is vertical movement in your company, they’ll be looking for someone that can take care of themselves, and that includes dressing for success.

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