your 7 key wardrobe pieces

In every chic girl's wardrobe, there are 7 key pieces that you need. Above everything else, these are the basics that will establish your wardrobe identity and they should also be your go-to pieces for everyday wear. They might be a little bit different for everyone, but it's somewhere to start.

There is a reason it's called 'THE little black dress'. That reason is because everyone has one, and if you don't have one, you wish you had one. If you don't wish you had one, you're wrong.
The black dress is still one of the most crucial key pieces of any chic girl's wardrobe. It should flatter you, pull you in at all the right places, show off all your best assets, and be able to be dressed up and dressed down easily. Yours could be a-line, strapless, short, long, flowy, tight - doesn't matter. What matters is it makes you feel fabuloso.

My skinny jeans are my go-to bottoms. I have a bajillion skirts and dresses, but to be truthful, I always wear my jeans, and that's because they are The Perfect Pair. Your Perfect Pair may be different from mine, but in my opinion almost everyone looks good in skinny jeans. They should flatter you, the pockets shouldn't be too small or too big, they shouldn't be too low-rise (unless showing off your unders is your thing). Important: your go-to pair should be a dark wash. They are the most flattering, the most flexible, and the fanciest.


They could be knee-high, ankle, embellished, plain, combat, pointy, leather, canvas - whatever is your style. But the important thing is that you love them, they are comfortable, and you take care of them. When you find the perfect pair of boots... sigh... treat them well, take them out often, and take good care of them. Weatherproof them, wash them, and treat them to a nice dinner. Because before you know it, they will be gone, their soles worn through, and you will never find another perfect pair. In case you couldn't tell, I've recently gone through the pain of losing my best pair of boots, and have yet to replace them. 

 Hey, remember that time I talked all about the benefits of blazers? I'm sure I don't have to remind you, but a good blazer should flatter you and polish off an outfit. It's amazing how quickly it can pull an outfit together - and you can wear it with anything, from jeans and a tshirt to full-on business formal. Your type of blazer might be a boyfriend blazer or a tight, fitted blazer - it doesn't matter, as long as you love it and it fits you well.


I have yet to blog about the magic of a good button-up cardigan, but that doesn't mean I'm not passionate about them. In fact, I probably wear a cardigan at least 3 days out of the week. In the same realm as a blazer, a good, fitted neutral cardigan can polish off an outfit and make a cute tank top work-appropriate, or add a bit of extra layering and warmth. Also, they're hellllllllllls comfortable, which is the most important thing.

As I've chatted with you cats about before, I have one patterned scarf that I wear alllll the time. In fact, I'm sure that people get sick of looking at it. But the truth is, it's perfect! And it looks especially good when I wear it with my hair up (that's code for: a lazy day). You should have one big, patterned scarf that you can throw overtop of a boring outfit and immediately bring up to the level of chic.
Remember: Pattern is important to look chic every day.


The semi-casual blouse is something that I've just recently discovered. I bought a $10 army green loose silk blouse from Joe the other day and have probably worn it enough times to put me on a Worst Dressed List ("Kirsten Dunst wore this THREE TIMES! Gasp!"). But truly, it's so versatile! Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with jeans or jeggings or a skirt or unbuttoned over a tank. It's great. Period.

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