9 tips on dressing a curvy figure

When I talk to ladies with a curvy figure, they often don't know how to dress their figure properly. And it's not because it's more difficult to dress - it's because there aren't enough good examples in the fashion world. But fret no more! Here are some tips to help you dress that bodacious figure.

1 // accentuate the positives. 
One thing I absolutely love about shapely figures is how fantastic your waist looks if you play it up just right. Shirts, dresses and jackets that hit you in the right place make a way more dramatic impact than on someone more petite. So play it up! Your killer waist, delicate upper body and attractive shoulders/arms should always be the center of attention. Add long earrings and beautiful necklaces to bring the attention to your face, and consider adding a belt on your waist to pull everything in.

2 // rock that decolletage.  
Stay away from high-neck tops and go for v-necks, cowl necks, boat necks and strapless. For dresses, sweetheart necklines are especially attractive. Add necklaces, earrings, and even add a subtle shimmer powder. Anything that draws attention to your stunning decolletage is your friend!

3 // know your prints.
The key is to choose patterns that are in proportion to the size of your body. Taller women can get away with larger patterns. Shorter women should stick to small or medium-sized patterns. Stay away from extremely large patterns and always stay away from horizontal stripes (unless you really know what you're doing)! Go shopping with a friend and collaborate on which prints work best for you. It's always good to have a few go-to patterns and prints.

4 // watch out for detailing.
Stay away from cropped jackets - they will skew your proportions. Also stay away from jackets with decorative, obvious pockets around the midsection (like safari jackets). In fact, skip any detailing around the midsection - keep it to the upper body, like on necklines, or on the arms and shoulders. Vertical detailing like buttons down the front of dresses or cardigans are very flattering.

5 // stay fitted. 
Not too loose, not too tight! Baggy tops will make you look larger than you are, and tight tops have the ability to make your proportions look strange. Jackets should be fitted, and the bottom hem should hit you either just above or below your hips. The trick is for the jacket to NOT terminate at the widest part of you. This also goes for stripes and pattern - if it's a longer shirt and, for example, it's striped only at the bottom, it's going to hit you at the widest part and become unflattering.

6 // hey, nice bottom. 
Fuller knee-length skirts and dresses are extremely flattering on girls with bigger figures - you're actually very lucky there, because fuller skirts and dresses can look disproportionate on smaller people but look awesome on you! Mini skirts can make thighs look larger, so stick to skirts and dresses that slightly flare out from your waist. Pants should be straight or slightly bootleg but should never taper at the ankle. Skirts should hit you just above the knee, and should always be longer than they are wide.

7 // don't knock shapewear.
Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian wears shapewear - it's for everyone, but it's especially great for the ladies with a bit more to love. Without being a horribly uncomfortable corset, it can pull you in and smooth you out in allllll the right places. It's especially great if you are self-conscious about the way t-shirts hit your midsection, or if you're wearing a fitted dress. I can't stress this enough! This will be one of the best weapons (sexy weapons, rawr) in your newly fabulous wardrobe.

8 // buy a big, square bag. 
Proportion is very important when it comes to outfits. Small bags, especially if they sit on the widest part of your hips, can be aesthetically unflattering on a curvier lady. Try getting a larger bag - something boxy and structured. It's all about scale! You gotta balance everything out!

9 // the sexiest thing you can wear is confidence.
This applies to every woman of every shape, size and age. Confidence is always, always the sexiest thing you can wear. A girl in lingerie feeling awkward is nowhere near as sexy as a girl in an enormous sweater feeling sexy and confident. Wear things that you love, that make you feel beautiful, and that make you happy. Life is too short to wear boring clothes that don't make you feel amazing.

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