5 tips on how to sexy up your look (without sleazing it up)

Summer in Calgary means a lot of scantily clad women. A LOT. And that’s putting it nicely. Because we only get a few months of real summer here, the girls go hog-wild (how accurate) skanking it up from June to October.

Believe it or not, ladies, it’s classy to have… well, class. Even a shred of class will do. And this means, while you may want to wear skin-tight white mini dresses with sky-high platform heels and ten pounds of makeup, or butt-cheek-baring booty shorts with a tank top that is not only low, but looks tattooed on… you probably shouldn’t.
But don’t worry! I’m not going to style you in an outfit fit for the nunnery. Here are five ways to look take a trip down Sexy Lane without crossing the line into Sleazetown.

1.        Add a little bit of sheer. And add it in unexpected places – not necessarily a full sheer tank top, but maybe the back or sides are sheer. A skirt with a sheer hem at the bottom, a sheer blazer, a dress with sheer panels... the opportunities are SHEERLY amazing! Get it?

2.        Let it be looser. At least part of it. As Edith Head said, “a dress should be tight enough to show you are woman and loose enough to show you are a lady”. A dress can be beautifully fitted without being skin tight, and trust me, this is preferable. Alluding to a gorgeous figure is much more flattering than a skin-tight, low-cut mini dress that shows about 95% of your body, including all of your little lumps and bumps. If I can play connect-the-dots with your freckles through your white mini dress, it’s too tight.

3.        Balance it out. If you’re just going out to the bar, going tight-top-on-tight-skirt-on-tight-whatever and throwing in some heels and make-up is a surefire way to get stopped on the street and asked for your hourly rate. I have nothing against prostitutes, but that doesn’t mean I want to be mistaken for one.

If you’re going casual with flat shoes and a looser dress, rock it up a bit with red lipstick and a wavy hairdo.

If you’re wearing a short/tight dress, balance it out with cute flats and a casual jean jacket.

If you’re wearing high heels, balance it out with a tight top, looser skirt and chic blazer overtop.

If you’re wearing a dress AND high heels, tone down the makeup and hair! Go au naturale.

4.        Peek-a-boo. There is something to be said for showing skin that isn’t the norm. Surprisingly sexy! People see cleavage and legs all day long, so switch it up. Try a peek-a-boo dress with cut-outs in the side, or an open-backed shirt tucked into fitted jeans.

5.        Throw on some shoulder-duster earrings. The d├ęcolletage is an extremely lovely part of the body. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by its two lady neighbors to the south. Forget the cleavage for a night, throw your hair up, and invest in some great shoulder-duster earrings. Feathers, chains, whatever floats your boat. It will actually draw attention to your face instead of your knockers (that is a good thing).

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