black is the new black: all-black outfits & why they're great

I just really, really love black.

I'd say half my wardrobe is black. My friends always make fun of me, and exclaim in surprise when I actually wear colour (yes, it's rare enough that they feel the need to comment on it). But hear me out.

I scoff at anyone who says an all-black palette is boring. If it is, you're just not doing it right. So here are some tips and tricks to help you wear an all-black outfit with ease.

1. Incorporate different textures. This is the simple most important tip for rocking an all-black ensemble. A black cotton t-shirt with black cotton tights and a black cotton cardigan is boring as hell. A black sweater with a black leather jacket and black jeans with a black fringed bag is a totally different story. It's the different textures and dimensions to an outfit that give it interest - this rule applies even MORE when you're doing an outfit of all one colour/shade.

2. The blacks should match. Some blacks have a cold/blue cast, while others have a warm/brown cast. It's important that you pay attention to what kind of black you're wearing, and plan your outfit accordingly. But don't stress about it too much - if you can't tell if it's warm- or cool-toned, chances are most other people can't, either.

3. Pay attention to the silhouette. Because people aren't being distracted by pattern or bright colour, their eyes will pay attention to what's underneath. Therefore, it's important you pay attention to the silhouette your outfit is giving you. Remember your balance; all-loose outfits make you look like a bag lady, and all-tight outfits make you look like a show-off. Combine tight and loose for the best silhouette.

4. Wear wool when you can. Wool carries dye better than other fabrics, so black wool clothing will keep its colour longer than other fabrics. If you have to buy cotton, try buying cotton with a bit of Lycra in it (which holds dye better than straight cotton).

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