the skinny on skivvies: 5 crucial rules of women's underwear

ATTENTION, women of the world: your undergarments are just as important as your clothing.

This is a bit of an intimate subject for most people, but seriously guys, I wouldn't post about it if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Every day I see women wearing the 100% wrong undergarments. And as a fashion blogger, I am taking it on myself to rid as much bad fashion from the world as I can. So here goes.

1. Utilize the right underwear for the right occasions. Educate yourself on the different types of bras and underwear and pay attention to how they fit and flatter you. There are different types, fabrics and cuts for a reason!

For example:

A low-rise panty with a high-waisted skirt will most likely leave you with a panty line, so swap it out for high-rise or shapewear to give you a smooth line all the way down.

A tight t-shirt with a balconette, extreme push-up or lacy bra underneath will leave you looking lumpy, and can leave a line on your bust where the top of the bra ends or give you double-busting (overflow). Try a t-shirt bra instead - it has a higher front cut, and it's completely smooth so it's hidden under shirts.

2. No one else should be able to see it. I am shocked and appalled on a daily basis by the amount of people who wear the completely incorrect undergarments. If you are wearing a backless dress, you do not wear a bra with a back! If you are wearing a strapless dress, you do not wear a bra with straps! If you are wearing a skin-tight skirt, you do not wear granny panties with a pantyline! Please, for the love of everyone, use your common sense.

Strapless dress = strapless bra. 
Backless dress = backless bra. 
Racerback shirt = racerback bra. 

Find the common words and put them together. 

And lastly, let's just get this out in the open......... everyone can see your clear straps.

3. IT NEEDS TO FIT. It seems like common sense, but obviously this needs to be outlined. If you are constantly pulling up your bra straps, if something pinches or hurts, if your underwear gives you a muffin top, if it's uncomfortable, if you're constantly adjusting, it DOES NOT FIT.

Lots of lingerie stores offer FREE bra fittings, so there is no reason you should be wearing an ill-fitting bra. Put up with the awkwardness once, and thank me for the rest of your life. I saw a What Not To Wear the other day in which she was wearing a 34B, she got fitted, and found out she was actually a 36G. And according to "surveys", about 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This most likely includes you.

Taken from

You Need to go Up a Cup Size if:

  • You're spilling over anywhere—top, sides, or bottom of the bra
  • The underwire is resting on the bust or poking it
  • The underwire is lifting away from the bust and not lying flat against the body
  • Your band size has decreased

You Need to go Down a Cup Size if:

  • There are gaps between the bust and the cup
  • The band is level and the underwire is digging up into your armpit
  • The band is level and there is space between the underwire and where the bust starts
  • Your band size has increased

4. Embrace shapewear. There is a common belief out there that shapewear is for larger women. I completely disagree! Any size of woman will look fantastic with shapewear - that's the whole point. There are four kinds - camisole, bodysuit, waist and legs. Depending on what part of your body you're less comfortable with, it can be a fantastic way to pull in all the parts you're not crazy about and make you look trim and shapely. No lumps, no bumps.

5. Don't skimp on your underwear. I know no one can see it, but YOU can. You should feel sexy and beautiful without any clothing on. Buying plain beige bras and plain white underwear does not serve your self esteem! Spend a few extra bucks to get some pretty underwear. Get a little bit of a push up. Get something lacey. Treat yourself.

And take care of it! Read the washing instructions and follow accordingly. Replace it when it gets old. You'll be amazed what nice underthings can do for your confidence, even if no one else sees them.

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