6 things you don't think people notice (but they do)

When you meet someone for the first time, what do you notice? Usually you notice the general outfit, and then you start noticing the little details. It's these little details that can make or break your appearance... and your impression. So don't slack on the small things.

1. your shoes.

When I see someone on the street or meet someone for the first time, one of the first things I look at is their shoes. And don't lie, you do too! Shoes are an important, important, important finishing touch on your outfit. A stunning pantsuit can be ruined with square-toed, scuffed-up high heels from 1995, just as easily as a pair of jeans and a casual blazer can be immediately dressed up with a good pair of wedges or pumps. The moral of the story is, shoes can make or break your outfit & your entire first impression on someone. So put thought into what you put on your feet!

2. your hands.

When you shake someone's hand (even if you don't mean to), you notice the softness, the clamminess, the roughness, or the cleanliness of their hands. This means your hands are... fill in the blank... important! Before you go to meet someone, whether it's dinner with friends, a date, or a job interview, take a peek at your paws. Dirty fingernails, huge calluses, hangnails, chipped nail polish? Fix it. People notice.

3. your sleeve length.

If your sleeves pass your wrist, they are too long. If they are so short you can see your watch without lifting your sleeve, they are too short. If you buy a blazer that fits you perfectly except for the sleeves, it's crucial that you get them tailored. Another option that I utilize frequently is rolling them up to create a 3/4 sleeve blazer. Works every time!

4. your see-through shirt.

White blouse with a black bra? Yep, people notice. White blouse with a lacey pink & purple floral bra? Yep, believe it or not, people notice that too. If you look in the mirror and you can see what bra you're wearing or can see any tattoos you have underneath, everyone else can see it too. This is where a flesh-coloured tank top comes in very handy. 

5. your panty lines.

Remember a while ago I wrote about the importance of undergarments? Read it through again. It is still too often that I see a woman wearing beige dress pants with no back pockets, with regular full-backed underwear. News flash. WE CAN SEE IT. Do us all a favour and check out your outfit from all angles before you leave the house.

6. the hair elastic on your wrist.

I know, ladies, it's just oh-so-convenient to wear a hair elastic on your wrist. HOWEVER, that's why purses were invented - to carry the crap we need that isn't attractive enough to wear on our person. Unless you put up and take down your hair every 30 seconds, take it off your wrist and put it in your purse. It is just as convenient, and a lot better looking.

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