a bajillion beauty uses for Vaseline

I live in Calgary. For those of you who have never heard of Calgary, it is in Alberta, which is in Canada, which is in North America, which is on Earth. And I am very serious when I say that it gets cold here in the winter. I'm not talking -5 or -10 Celsius, I'm talking -35 Celsius, with a wind chill, and extreme dryness. But I have one little beauty trick that keeps me looking fresh & moisturized in winter (and all year round, but especially winter, cause it's a tough opponent).


My number one winter beauty trick is Vaseline. This is because it is the greatest (and probably cheapest) moisturizer on the market. So here are a bajillion uses for Vaseline that I bet you never knew about!

- If your skin is prone to dryness, slather Vaseline on your problem area before you go to bed, and you'll wake up smooth as a baby. If your feet are especially prone to dryness, cover them in Vaseline and wear socks to bed.

- And hey, you know when you're putting on foundation or concealer in the morning and it clumps funny on dry patches of your skin? As attractive as that is, here's a tip to bypass that travesty: dab some Vaseline on the problem area, take a dry washcloth, and buff it. Proceed to add concealer as planned. Voila, problem solved!

- You can easily turn any eyeshadow into a cream version by mixing it with a bit of Vaseline.

- Mix Vaseline with a bit of Kool-Aid and hey look, a new lip gloss that tastes oh so delicious!

- Tame those unruly, Gandalf-like eyebrows!

- Coat your eyelashes in Vaseline before bed for healthy, moisturized lashes.

- Frizzies and fly-aways? In a pinch, tame your tresses with a small dab (remember: a little goes a long way, chaps).

- Rub it on the neck of your nail polish bottles to prevent them from getting stuck to their caps.

- Used as a mask on your hairline, protects your skin from the chemicals of hair dye. Superhero of the day!

- One of your rings stuck on your finger? SLATHER IT!

- Put it around your nails when painting them, and easily wipe off any stray polish afterwards.

- Add some on top of your perfume application to make the scent last longer.

- Use it to remove your eye makeup - it takes off even the most stubborn mascara (I'm looking at you, waterproof)

- Chapped lips? Add Vaseline and buff with a dry toothbrush. Softy soft soft.

- Dab it on your cheekbones for a glowy, dewy look.

- Use Vaseline to remove makeup stains from your shirts!

- Rub a bit on your split ends to smooth them and make your hair look (and feel) healthier.

- Smooth & soothe your skin after shaving with Vaseline instead of lotion.

- Mix it with sea salts to make a DIY body scrub!

- Heat it in the microwave for a nightly moisturizing mask.

- Apply it to your new tattoo to protect & moisturize.

- Stretch out your favourite lotion's lifespan by mixing it with Vaseline.

Okay, I think you get the idea! I'm serious when I say it's a magical, magical beauty secret. So go buy a big tub of Vaseline or any kind of petroleum jelly and get moisturizin'. You'll be forcing your elbows in people's faces to show them how smooth you are in no time.

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