focus yyc: 9 more unique calgary date ideas

I get so sick of hearing the sentence, "there is nothing to do in Calgary". FALSE. You are just too lazy. So take yourself, your friend, or your significant other on a date and fall back in love with Calgary.

1. Recordland.

There are lots of record stores around Calgary, but in my opinion, Recordland has the most charm. Grab a coffee from a nearby Inglewood cafe and browse through the cluttered, crowded shelves stuffed with every album you'd ever dreamed of. Don't own a record player? Well, that isn't my problem, maybe you should.

2. Punk rock bingo.

Do you like bingo? Do you like beer? Do you like loud music? Do you like ridiculously cool and weird prizes like enormous tiger blankets, ugly sweaters, records, Star Wars 3D puzzles, and Sigmund Freud trivia cards? Well duh, take your significant other and head to Punk Rock Bingo. It goes on every Tuesday at either the Ship & Anchor or Broken City.

3. Farmer's market.

Who doesn't like food? Losers, that's who. And if you like food, you should especially like local food, because it supports your local community and all that good stuff. Check out the Kingsland Farmer's Market, the Calgary Farmer's Market, or Crossroads Market. Bonus points if you buy ingredients to cook a meal or go on a picnic together.

4. Blues bar.

I love the blues, and I especially love the blues when it's played to me live while I hold an ice cold beer. Such luxuries are offered to you at the Blues Can in Inglewood, where you can watch live blues every day of the week and indulge in some Creole nachos or fried pickles.

5. Calgary Culture First Thursdays.

Check these listings for unique events happening the first Thursday of every month in the cultural district of Calgary. Most are free! Or discounted! And who doesn't love a cheap date?

6. Check Urbanspoon's top restaurants.

Urbanspoon is a great resource for any food-lover, with a constantly updated list of the top restaurants in town. Why not randomly choose one of the top choices from any category and try something new?

7. Support some local artists at an open mic night.

There are lots of open mic nights in the city, but I'm particular to the open mic nights at Cafe Koi (100, 1011 - 1st ST SW).  They also do singer songwriter open mic on Tuesdays, jazz open mic nights on Thursdays, and occasional Hip Hop Improv nights on Saturdays. Come on, that's awesome and you know it.

8. Go to Comedy Monday Nights at Broken City.

Amateur comedy, as it turns out, can be extremely well done. A friend of mine invited me to watch his first stand up routine at Broken City a few weeks ago, and I had no idea such a thing even existed. A few of the acts were misses, but most of them were hilarious! I highly recommend grabbing a casual beer and having a few laughs in the dingy darkness of Broken City (613 11th Ave SW).

9. Take a cooking class.

I know, I've mentioned food a lot. But the fact is, Calgary is turning into a huge foodie city, and if you aren't taking advantage of all we have to offer, you are seriously missing out.  Food is good, food is great! So sign up for a Cookbook Co cooking class, or one at SAIT works too.

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