simplify your routine: 5 easy updos

I love sleep. And when I say I love sleep, I mean, you have no idea the lengths I will go to in the morning... just to grab an extra minute of shut-eye.

A while back, I wrote about 5 secrets to looking chic every day, which was about putting together a nice outfit together on regular, non-fancy days. Secretly, that blog post was also about saving as much time as possible in the morning before work, to allow myself extra time to sleep (guilty). But besides the clothing, there is another part of the ensemble that you must master in your 20-Minutes-And-Out-The-Door routine - your hair.

So here are 5 tutorials for the easiest, quickest updos that will make you look like you spent twice or three times as long getting ready in the morning. Sleep away, my snoozy friends!

1. the fishtail.

There's no way I can successfully describe how to do a fishtail without a video of it, so here you go. Girls are usually intimidated by how complex it seems, but it's so easy! Practice a few times and it'll be as easy as braiding.

2. the braided bun.

Simple - braid your hair in pigtails. Tie them in a knot. Bobby pin back the stray ends. That's it!

3. the messy french twist.

Tutorial here.

4. the headband hack.

Yes, this style is as easy as it looks. Put headband in hair. Pull hair up from tips and wrap loosely around headband. Repeat until all the hair is in.

5. and of course.... the messy bun.

Tutorial here.

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