efficiency chic: travel fashion that will make your life easier

Sure, you'll look fabulous strutting through the airport with strappy high heels, a pencil skirt, and a nice crisp blouse. But no one wants to be that person in line for security that takes half an hour to get her shoes off, or the person asking for yet another extra blanket on the plane because she's cold - and you certainly don't want to be the person showing up with wrinkled clothing and smeared lipstick on the other end of the flight.

I've been on enough airplanes and sprinted across enough airports to know what clothing will aid you... and what clothing will be the bane of your travel existence. Here are a few tips.

your shoes.
Flat. I mean it. Wear flat shoes. You never know when you'll have to walk 6 blocks from your gate to the nearest airport deli, or when you'll have 18 minutes to catch a connecting flight on the other side of the airport.
Do not wear shoes with elaborate laces, snaps, buckles, whosits and whatsits. Slip-on shoes are ideal for the ease of security, as they usually make you take off your shoes for scanning.

your pants.
Pants with a little bit of stretch to them that aren't linen or 100% cotton (they'll wrinkle). Preferably in a dark colour, just in case you accidentally knee your tray that had your coffee sitting on it. You don't want to be in the tiny airport bathroom trying to dab out a stain with a paper towel.

your shirt. 
Layers are the key. A comfortable top (again, not in linen or 100% cotton) with a medium-weight cardigan or sweater over top will serve you through all fluctuating airport temperatures. Ideally, keep it a little bit looser and a little bit longer, and stay away from anything really low-cut (it'll get all skewy when you're sitting down).

your accessories.
The one item I never, ever travel without is a big scarf. It's a blanket! It's a pillow! It's a shawl! It is the always-useful, ever-transforming item. Get one and carry it with you like your own personal travel bible.
Keep the jewelry and other accessories minimal. A watch is handy, but rings, necklaces, big earrings, and bracelets become inconvenient and irritating.
A big tote bag is ideal, especially if it's got lots of compartments and a special zipper pocket for your passport and boarding passes. Leave the small purse at home and happily carry around your book, headphones, snacks, water bottle, and whatever else you carry with you in your handy-dandy tote bag!

Happy travels!

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