the rules on wearing leggings as pants (because most of you don't get it)

Okay. Ladies.... Oh ladies. Okay. We need to sit down and have a serious talk here.

Leggings are not pants. They do not have a zipper, or pockets, or belt loops; this makes them not real pants. So do not wear them as if they are real pants.
May I remind all of you that before a few years ago, leggings were specifically worn under dresses/ and skirts - they were not worn as a freestanding fashion item. I think most of you have forgotten this fact. So I am here to remind you of the rules of wearing leggings as pants.

The most important rule is..

1. your shirt MUST cover your butt.

I get it. Your butt looks like, SEW FABULOSE in leggings. Here's an idea: get a pair of pants that actually fits you, and show off that booty in the fashion-appropriate way. The number one rule of wearing leggings as pants is, and I cannot stress this enough, your tights MUST cover your butt. Entirely. With 1-2 inches of extra shirt just in case.

2. your shirt should also cover your lady bits.

Without getting too graphic about it, the front side of leggings can... ahem... not be very flattering, as in, maybe a frontal-wedgie sort of situation. Avoid this fashion disaster by making sure your shirt is long enough on the front as well as the back.

3. make sure they're opaque.

Seem pretty self-explanatory? You'd be surprised.
When you buy leggings that you are planning as wearing as pants, please do the world a favour and bend over in the mirror before you buy them. Do they thin out to the point where you can see your underwear and/or skin underneath? If so, you have one of two options. Option 1: Don't buy them. Option 2: Buy another pair and wear them both. I assure you, nobody wants to see what colour your underwear is.

4. get the right support.

The whole draw of leggings is that they are extremely tight and show off all your best "assets". However, in being so tight, they tend to show off every lump and bump, as well as whatever undergarments you are wearing underneath.
Make sure you get leggings that are thick and opaque, and also make sure you're not wearing underwear that will give you a panty line. Cause guess what guys, WE CAN SEE IT!

5. realize that leggings are not pants, and leggings are considered casual.

Although I love wearing leggings, they are inherently and uncompromisingly casual. This means that leggings are not appropriate for: any weddings, any bridal or baby showers, or any event billed as "business casual", "business formal", "black tie", "white tie", or "cocktail". So save them for the weekends!

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