6 style tips for the small-busted ladies

1. bring attention to the neckline.
pick shirts with draping, ruching, embellishments, or an interesting neckline such as a crew neck or a turtleneck. bringing attention to the neckline and adding a bit more volume (aka visual weight) will accentuate your bust (even if it's on the smaller side!).

2. stay away from boxy, structured tops.
structured, stiff tops have the tendency to flatten you out and make you look even smaller. instead, opt for flexible, drapey fabrics that will accentuate rather than flatten.

3. go loose.
another great thing about being smaller-chested is that you can wear oversized shirts and sweaters without worrying about it making you look larger.

4. wear lower necklines.
one thing that's great about having a smaller bust - we never have to worry about falling out of our shirts! so rock those low v's with no fear (v-necks hug the curve of your chest and make it look bigger), and show off that beautiful decolletage.

5. wear higher necklines.
higher necklines are great because they elongate the torso and draw the attention to your face. they have the potential to flatten a large bust, but are very flattering for smaller busts.

there ain't nothing wrong with having a smaller bust! just ask Twiggy, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, Charlize Theron, Kiera Knightley, and Kate Moss.
Oh and... the best advice of all for small-chested women - STAND UP STRAIGHT, SHOULDERS BACK!

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