10 pieces of life advice that most people ignore (but shouldn't)

1. wear sunscreen.
Every day. EVERY DAY. Wear a higher SPF when it's sunny. Reapply throughout the day.

2. go to the doctor.
I know, it's such a pain to call the doctor and book an appointment and all that jazz when you can just ignore the problem forever and it'll most likely go away! oh wait. no. that's not how it works. you know what's worse than making an appointment? the constant gnawing feeling that you don't know what's wrong.

3. drink water.
The "8 glasses a day" advice is an old wives' tale, but if you're not a huge water drinker, at least aim for 2 or 3.

4. don't touch, prod, or pick at your face.
Just don't.

5. do your car maintenance.
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the people who wrote your car's manual know more about your car than you do. So do the work, or prepare for your car to break down at the worst possible moment.

6. exercise at least a little bit per day.
Even if you're exhausted, if you've sat in an office all day and then sat on your couch, go for a walk around the block before you go to bed.

7. read the instructions once, twice, or three times.
This means read the instructions before you start any work. Comprehension first, building/fixing/etc. second.

8. get 8 hours of sleep.
Believe it or not, all those articles telling you to get ample sleep aren't doing so for their own good. You need that time to relax, rejuvenate, and help your immune system stay strong.

9. stop drinking pop. 
It's bad for you.

10. don't go grocery shopping while you're hungry. 
Tried and tested. Don't do it, or you'll leave with way too much food (and nothing that was actually on your list).

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