Two Girls One City: Part II

Blog readers, meet Paige - the mastermind behind The Wholesome Handbook, an artistic, bucolic, introspective and inspiring woman, and one of my very closest friends. Despite the fact that we are total opposites - as she put it, I'm "buzzing with energy, always on the go" and she's "relaxed, contemplative, and probably barefoot in the garden" - we both love Calgary and spend a lot of our time exploring it. So we decided to put together a multi-part blog collaboration that focuses on our two (very different) perspectives of the city - one take wholesome, one take electric. Part two focuses on our favourite places to go for libations, music and late-night bites around the city. 


Paige: The coziest bar in Calgary, the Hop in Brew operates out of a century-old yellow house that, throughout its lifetime, has served as a rest home, an auto-body garage, and a rooming house. They’ve got the most incredible selection of local beer and craft brews on tap. On a warm summer night it is absolutely lovely to sit out on the little porch, blissfully free of sweaty, crowded strangers and the deafening noise of conventional bars, and sip on an Apricat in the glow of the city lights. 

Suzanne: There is something so wonderful about having a cold beer on a rooftop patio, surrounded by graffiti'd walls and the skyline of Calgary - and this is why the Broken City patio is always packed, whether its 10 or 35 degrees outside. It debatably becomes even more lovely in the evening, when the string lights come on, the crowd gets communal, and the constant thrum of music from downstairs keeps the mood swinging until the wee hours of the night.


Paige: Wine-Ohs is a little bistro off of 8th avenue, with an intimate underground cellar that I've been visiting since college, back when it was called the Beat Niq. It's dark, cozy, and romantic, perfect for curling up in a comfy seat near the back and nursing a glass of wine. You reach the cellar through a side door in a back alley, making the whole experience feel like you're at some secret saloon in the jazz age, and the music is always  fantastic - from my favourite folky local singer-songwriters to jazz trios to world music.

Suzanne: If you like beer, barbecue, and good music (and who doesn't?), then the Palomino is your Calgary soulmate. Besides having the largest smoker in Western Canada and producing amazing barbecue in-house (my favourite is the beef brisket with bacon-wrapped corn), they have cheap beer, awesome staff, and good music most days of the week. Their shows range everywhere from death metal to indie folk, but no matter what the genre, you'll leave happy, buzzed and smelling of barbecue.


Paige: Tubby Dog! Famous for wacky creations like the PBJ (a hot dog slathered with peanut butter and jelly, with the option to add Cap'n Crunch), Tubby Dog is a 17th Ave institution. The walls are lined with old arcade consoles, and I always play a round or two of Ms Pac Man when I'm getting my after-midnight food fix.

Suzanne: I can't count the amount of times I've paid a visit to Cliveburger after midnight, but it's probably ranging into the mid-thirties - and for good reason. The interior is always buzzing with happy diners, they are open until 3AM, and their burgers, milkshakes and crispy fries always hit the spot. Spend a couple extra bucks and get mushrooms and a fried egg on your burger, and sit outside on the patio for some of the best people-watching in Calgary.

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