8 fashion mistakes that make you look older

1. you give in to the trends. 

Tights, peplum tops, harem pants, shrugs, extreme shoulder pads - these are all fashion trends that have come and go over the last few years. And while it's okay for teenagers and young adults to experiment with crazy trends and wild looks, if you're over 40, buying into these trends will just make you look older.

2. you forgo accessories, makeup, or a hairstyle.

It's all too common for women to tie up their hair, throw on some exercise pants and a hoodie, and walk out the door without any makeup and no accessories. But I ask you - does this make you feel good about yourself? Why not take a few extra minutes to put some effort in and be proud to show off your personal sense of style? "Giving up" and deciding you don't need to put effort into your appearance is a surefire way to age yourself.

3. you're afraid of bold patterns + colours.

I know that over time it becomes easy to pick up the neutrals - black, beige, brown, white. They're everywhere and they're easy. But neutrals, while a classic staple of any outfit, can be a very slippery slope. Don't be afraid of bold patterns and colours (especially rich hues like maroon, which are flattering at any age) - express yourself! And if you're afraid of colours, opt for a patterned neutral instead of a plain one.

4. you don't re-evaluate old clothes.

It may be your go-to piece, but it may also be dating you. Take a critical look at your wardrobe and see if there is anything left over from eras past that has an outdated shape, colour, or pattern (ahem - shoulder pads, 90's blue denim, pastels). A few great new pieces every year will make you look (and feel!) younger and more modern.

5. you dress too young.

You may be middle-aged with a rockin' body, but that doesn't mean you can show it off the same way a teenager would. While it's important to stay stylish and on keep in touch with the fashion trends, dressing like your teenager daughter will have the opposite effect you want - it will age you. Try opting for classic, chic, age-appropriate looks instead.

6. you wear a cardigan with every outfit.

Cardigans are a tricky layering piece - while they seem ideal for almost any outfit, they often lack shape and end up looking frumpy. Not only that, but wearing a cardigan every day makes it the focus of your outfit. Instead, try switching it up with fitted blazers or jackets, especially ones more into the casual realm (made of sweater material or cotton).
If you just really love cardigans and refuse to give them up, at least invest in some statement ones with bold patterns or colours.

7. you wear colours that wash you out. 

This will depend on your hair colour and skin tone, but try holding different colours up to your face to see what dulls and what brightens your complexion - for example, I know that I should avoid pastels, beiges, neons, and yellows. The right colours can immediately brighten up your face and make you look younger.

8. you wear all black.

Black is the most versatile and common neutral, and we're told that it looks amazing on everybody. However, our skin tends to get paler as we age, and the contrast of black against your pale skin can age you and emphasize dark shadows. Instead of going for black all the time, try richer tones like charcoal, maroon, army green, and navy blue.

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