10 things to invest in in 2016 (especially if you're in your 20's)

1. Your health.

People tend to disregard their health in their early 20's - waiting out sicknesses instead of going to the doctor, skipping the dentist because it's too expensive, forgoing prescriptions, forgetting to exercise. But once you have a solid job and a source of income, make sure you set aside some of that money to take care of yourself first.

2. A cast iron skillet.

A cast iron pan is one of the best kitchen tools you'll ever have in your arsenal. Besides the facts that it will never break, it's nonstick, it's basically a grill in itself, and you don't need to waste soap on it... it's not even that expensive!
Of course, this one comes with the catch that you should be able to cook successfully (heating up frozen food doesn't count).

3. Exercise.

Whether it's a sports team, a yoga membership, or just a good pair of running shoes - put some money into your exercise this new year. Your 20's is the time to create good habits, which includes taking care of yourself, which includes fitness!

4. Travel.

"Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer." While that's not 100% true, the sentiment certainly is. Traveling, whether it's to a nearby town or to another continent, is an investment into yourself. It expands your horizons, challenges you, and exposes you to new experiences that you just can't find at home. Put aside a little bit of money every paycheque and go somewhere new!

5. A good winter jacket.

This might not apply to people who live in warmer climates, but being a Calgary girl, a good winter jacket is a must. And if you spend the money on a good one, it will last you at least a few winters - rather than having to replace it every year.

6. Bed sheets.

They say the closer an item is to your body, the more money you should spend on it. A good sleep is crucial to your mental and physical well-being, so why not spend a bit extra and buy some delightfully soft sheets?

7. A good pair of shoes.

You never know when you might need to dress up for an interview, a wedding, or some other fancy event - it could pop up without warning, which means you don't have time to go shopping. Invest in a nice, grown up pair of shoes that you can always count on. For me, it's a good pair of chunky-heeled black boots - they are good for everything!

8. Your relationships.

I am a firm believer that you should always invest time and effort into your relationships, but your 20's is a time to really build these foundations for the rest of your life. My parents have friends that they have known for 40+ years, and it was because they spent their 20's getting to know each other and building a strong bond.

9. A grown up purse.

Okay guys, there is no excuse to still be rocking a purse from your teen years. It's time to bite the bullet and get a bag that says business (but is still fashionable!). This means it's big enough to hold all your stuff, probably leather, is sleek and modern, and fits your personal style.

10. An RRSP.

I can't stress enough how important it is to start saving and put money away in the proper accounts. Leaving it all in your savings account won't benefit you in the long run - instead, set up an RRSP and start preparing for your future.
Don't put off this investment until your 30's - by starting in your 20's, you'll have WAY more money by the time you retire. If you'd like to know exactly how much, use this RRSP calculator.

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