5 cleanses to start off your new year right

It's the beginning of a new year, which means there is no better time to clean up your life and start fresh. These "cleanses" (and not the silly cayenne pepper type of cleanses, either) will help you start the new year off right.

CLEANSE 1: your closet.

Do you flip through your jam-packed closet every morning, thinking that you hate most of what's in there? It's a refreshing start to your day when you go to get dressed and have a selection of clothing that you actually like. Take a few hours to thoroughly re-evaluate your wardrobe this January - try things on, give things away, get new hangers, re-organize - and thank yourself for the next million mornings.

CLEANSE 2: your social media "friends".

For some reason it became cool to have a bajillion social media friends on all platforms, especially Facebook. But do you actually know and care about all of these people? Do they care about you? Chances are there are people you met once and never saw again, friends of friends of friends, ex-lovers, or people you used to work with that you never even liked. Take a few minutes to go through and clean up your social media "friends". My rule is: if you run into them in public and actually want to speak to them, they remain a social media friend.

CLEANSE 3: your kitchen.

Much like your closet, your fridge and cabinets are probably chock full of items you'll never use (and you know it). You go to make yourself a meal and always push aside the same foods that are now months, or years, old. Throw them away if they're perishable, donate them to your local food bank, or if they're really old, just toss them in the garbage.

CLEANSE 4: your purse.

At any given time, my purse contains way too many bobby pins (some broken), crumpled up receipts, lip glosses I never use, books, pens (that may or may not work), loose change, and possibly the holy grail itself, but we'll never know. If you are a lady like me that keeps her entire life in her handbag, it's time to make a change. Dump everything out and return only the items that you need on a daily basis... and then marvel at how easy (and pleasant) it is to find everything!

CLEANSE 5: your phone.

Does your phone kill battery way quicker than it should? Does it give you warnings about the lack of storage space? Can you never find the apps you want? Time for a phone cleanse. Take off old photos, delete apps you never use, clean up your main page, and delete contacts you don't need to ever contact again. Organization will change your life in 2016, I swear.

Happy new year!

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