how to dress up like a #boss (when you don't wear dresses)

Dresses are an easy and popular solution for every occasion - casual or formal, dress up or dress down. But what happens to those among us who don't wear dresses? Why shouldn't they have just as much fun getting gussied up?

If you count yourself among the pants-only crowd, fret no more! Here are some tips and tricks for dressing up, while still putting on your outfit one leg at a time.

wear a suit (but make sure it's tailored).

Suits aren't just for men anymore, but it's important to wear them the right way. They must be good quality (none of that unlined, polyester-blend garbage) and they must be tailored to fit you. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman in a nice suit that doesn't fit in the chest darts or around the thighs. So make sure it fits!

Believe it or not, men's requirements for a suit fitting properly are roughly the same as women's - although women's pants should fit snugly all the way to the knee, and the darts are crucial.
Check out a quick diagram for general fit here.

wear a romper.

The great thing about rompers is they are pretty low maintenance - you don't have to worry about your shirt coming untucked, your pants falling down, or your shirt riding up... because everything is attached! How utterly convenient. Besides the comfort factor, they are a great way to be almost wearing a dress, without actually wearing one.


Depending on how you're rocking the "masculine" trend, it can tend to look a little stiff and starched. So be sure to throw in some fun accessories - a bright purse, a statement necklace, a big bracelet. These are the pieces that will bump up your outfit to the next level.

go "girly".

If you aren't psyched on the idea of dresses but still want to portray your femininity, try incorporating feminine textures into some of the pieces. A floral blazer, a bejeweled neckline, a bright lipstick, or some patterned heels will put the #girl back in #girlboss.

go "manly".

If "girly" isn't really your thing, why not go the opposite way and try something a bit more masculine? A boyfriend blazer with a crisp white shirt underneath, a sharp pair of slacks, and a pair of shiny loafers will do the trick. An easy way to soften this look is to add some jewelry and wear your hair down in loose waves.

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