tips for looking polished, professional, and totally on point

"Damn! That woman has her stuff* together."
* = censored

Sometimes I see a woman walking down the street and that is what I think to myself. Seeing this Professional Woman makes me feel young, frumpy, and unstylish in comparison. I'm sure you've seen these women - decked out in a wonderfully fashionable outfit (most likely in a colour most people would dirty immediately, like beige or white) with nary a wrinkle or loose thread, perfectly coiffed hair, and high heels that you would fall over in. 

But what sets Her apart from the other women walking down the street, also in their high heels and business attire? It's the attention to detail, and the sense of purpose with which she dressed and prepared herself in the morning. And while I'm not about to start wearing light beige outfits (hello, disaster waiting to happen), I am prepared to take these small steps to be a little bit more like That Woman.

1. iron your clothes.

I'm not even sure how this is possible, but my clothes get wrinkly just hanging in my closet. And because I am often dressing in a rush, I find myself making the conscious (albeit guilty) decision to wear something even though it's a little wrinkly. We've all done it, right?

Think, though - when you see someone on the street with a wrinkled shirt, your opinion of them is already a little skewed. You notice that it's wrinkly, and you know it looks sloppy. So don't justify wearing a wrinkled shirt by saying that no one will notice - they will notice.

2. pay attention to the details.

Does your shirt have a loose thread? Do your pants have a scuff of dirt on the calf? Is your sweater pilling? Do your high heels need a polish?

These small details are easy to overlook, but they are paramount to achieving that polished, professional look. You will never be That Woman if your blazer has dog hair all over it, if your pants zipper is broken, if your purse leather is cracking, if your lipstick is smudged. 

That Woman is all about the details, and you should be, too.

3. wear your Strut shoes.

We all have that one pair of shoes that make us strut like we are walking our first Versace catwalk. Maybe they were $5 or maybe they were $500, maybe they're flats or maybe they're 6" heels, but they are fabulous and they make you feel fabulous and everything is fabulous when you wear them.

A crucial element of That Woman is that she is wearing shoes that make her confident. In order to be like her, you should be wearing shoes that do the same for you. 

4. shower.

I hope this doesn't sound weird, but have you ever noticed how impeccably clean That Woman is? She always looks like she just descended from a fluffy white cloud made of perfume and expensive shampoo, coming from a land where clothes don't get dirty, hair doesn't get greasy, and puddles splash around you instead of on you.

Even if you don't shower every day, you must master the feat of looking clean at all times. This goes back to the point I made above - pay attention to the details.

5. don't leave unless it's perfect (or close to).

So much of being That Woman is the standards that she holds herself to. Do you think that she plans out the perfect outfit, puts it on, realizes that the sweater needs to be washed, and proceeds out the door anyway? NEVER! 

Before you leave the house in the morning, take a few extra moments to survey yourself. Are your shoes, nails, and clothes clean? Have you lint-rolled your jacket to get rid of stray cat hairs? Have you hair sprayed down those frizzies? Have you removed that chipped nail polish?

If you want to channel That Woman, you need to hold yourself to similar standards.

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