about me


Welcome to my blog! I'm Suzanne, the owner/writer/everything. I'm 26 years old and have a special place in my heart for fashion, interior design, photography, soccer, animal prints and leather jackets, coffee, and traveling the world. 

I started this blog simply to collect and share all of the things I love - whether it be fashion, 
music, photography, graphic design, interior design, or everyday inspiration.
I try to keep track of all of the images I post on my blog, but a lot of them come from collection websites. If you have any issues with anything I've posted, please let me know; this also applies to any of the musicians that I have posted. I'm harmless - it's just because I'm a fan of your work! 

If you feel like you want to contact me, my e-mail is suzanne.elizabeth@hotmail.com. Nice e-mails only please. Unless you're really mad, I guess, in which case, good for you for having so much passion.

Enjoy the blog!


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